American Airlines to ‘Path to 9/11’ Producers: That Was US Airways, You Jackasses

American Airlines is foaming at the mouth about its depction in the recent ABC telewhatever, The Path to 9/11

According to ABC’s movie, one of the September 11th terrorists — Mohammed Atta — as having been flagged as a security risk at Boston’s Logan Airport by American Airlines personnel. According to The Path to 9/11, the personnel then shrugged and chipperly let him on the plane anyway.

Even if that were true, it likely wouldn’t have made any difference: there were other terrorists on that flight. It wasn’t manpower that allowed Al Qaeda to fly the planes into the World Trade Center: it was a couple decades worth of indoctrination into a mindset that if your plane was hijacked, you just sat back and enjoyed your free side trip to Cuba. Terrorists would not be able to take over a plane with the same tactics anymore.

But, of course, it wasn’t true. It wasn’t American Airlines personnel at all that allowed Mohammed Atta on the plane; it was US Airways personnel. And it didn’t happen in Boston, it happened in Maine. This is all clearly documented in the 9/11 Commission’s report.

American Airlines are so pissed, they’re threatening to withdraw all advertising from the ABC network, and are also murmuring ominously about lawsuits.

AA Prepared to Pull Ads From ABC [Mediaweek]

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