Soldier in Iraq Shoots Crappy HP Printer

Loosely in honor of 9/11, here’s an American soldier in Iraq expressing his dissatisfaction with an HP printer. With his automatic rifle. According to the original post on, after they sent this in to HP, they received a free new printer in return.


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  1. McJared says:

    “PC LOAD LETTER” WTF does that mean?

  2. AcilletaM says:

    I appreciate the sentiment but how much did that just cost me as a taxpayer?

  3. njsykora says:

    Interesting, but immensely pointless. If they wanted attention all they had to do was ask.

  4. mechanismatic says:

    The amount of money he wasted shooting that printer and shooting that footage probably would have bought another printer. Military equipment isn’t cheap.

  5. RogueSophist says:

    So he sends in the video expressing his dissatisfaction, HP does the right thing by sending him a new printer, and he rewards them by releasing the video on the InterWeb? What an ass.

  6. DeeJayQueue says:

    he couldn’t have taken a little piece of c4 or detcord, cost about $10 maybe… would have blown that thing to bits, and been much more satisfactory IMHO. No, he used the big giant gun and the big giant bullets which didn’t do much more than put a couple holes in it and knock it off the barrell. Oh, and he’s a horrible shot too. Don’t they train people how to shoot the guns over there? I wonder how much those bullets are a piece? $1? $2? probably like $5 a piece or something ridiculous like that. He fired off about 50 rounds, costing like $250. Much more than the printer was worth. ugh.

  7. Ran Kailie says:

    Wow, total waste of my tax dollars in action. But hey here’s a great way to react to something that doesn’t work… I smell a court martial in his future.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Jeesh… you people don’t know how to have any fun! Totally destroying equipment which is beyond repair has been a tradition at most of the places I’ve worked. At the TV stations I’ve worked at, we tended to prefer shooting massive amounts of electricity through the equipment, while at some of my network clients, a sledge hammer is the preferred tool to certify decomissioning. The best was at an accounting firm with an old IBM System/36 mainframe. The users were allowed to chuck their terminals off the 3rd floor balcony into a dumpster below. It was one of the best morale-boosting & stress-relieving corporate activities I’ve ever seen.

  9. mactbone says:

    C’mon, we all know that Iraqi oil paid for all of those bullets…

    Seriously, I dooubt the bullets cost much – go to Wal-Mart sometime and look at the prices. Also, the gun is not the regular rifle that grunts carry – that’s one of those massive guns that should be mounted, I mean it’s got a freakin’ belt feed.

  10. RandomHookup says:

    I can’t watch the video at work, but unless he’s firing 50 cal rounds, they had better not be $5 apiece. He’s probably shooting your basic grunt ammo from an AR15. If his chain of command gets hold of him, he’ll end up paying for it in a couple of ways.

  11. El_Guapo says:

    To clarify: The weapon used is the M-240G, a modern version of the venerable M1918 BAR. The soldier in question appears to be using two 80 round belts linked together, which is NATO 7.62 FMJ.

    One thousand rounds of 7.62 cost around $170 dollars these days, that’s .17 cents a bullet. So if this guy fired off half the belt, then it cost the taxpayers $13.6 dollars for his solider to vent. He’s thousands of miles from home , stuck in a hellishly hot desert, being shot at daily. If he wants to shame HP for a lousy product, I the taxpayer am willing to indulge him at my expense.

    My research complements of a lull at work, and Google.

  12. kevin g says:

    As a former soldier, I’ll add my two cents – first off, the guy is a Captain, which means – especially if he’s dependent on the printer for his job – that he’s probably a staff officer. I’d also be willing to bet that the printer was HIS personal printer that he shipped over with him. Speaking from my experience as a former company executive officer (responsible for inventorying the unit’s equipment), there’s no way he would have done that to official Army equipment. He would have had to turn it in, with forms in triplicate, and blahblahblah.

    And yes – the M240 is meant to be fired from a bipod or, ideally, a tripod with a T&E mechanism that lets you sight it in. Not from the shoulder in a standing position. I’d challenge any one of you to try to hold that thing on target the way he did.

  13. AcilletaM says:

    After seeing some of the research of the later commenters, I withdraw my comment.

    That and after rereading my comment, I really sounded like an old man and that depresses me.

  14. Ran Kailie says:

    Honestly, I still feel this is a waste of my tax dollars, and I hope he’s court martialed for it, especially if he’s a commanding officer. There is no excuse for such a blatant act, especially if he’s suppose to be setting the standard for how his troops should act.

    His own printer or not, the gun did not need to be used, nor did this need to be filmed with him in uniform. Waste of my tax dollars and in my opinion completely unacceptable behavior on part of our military.

  15. thrillhouse says:

    waste of tax dollars!?! Buying that HP in the first place was a waste. The machine gun was well justified. We have a 5510, and there have been many times I’ve considered destroying it with an automatic rifle – I just didn’t happen to have one handy.

    Kailie – own an HP 5510 and you’ll begin to understand the hell that is his life. Its bad enough being in Iraq. Being in Iraq with an HP 5510 – double whammy.

    Oh, and that “big giant gun” is an m-60 or some derivative. Its not a high-precision weapon. Holding it up is quite a chore, let alone firing it acurately. If you watch the end you’ll see that the “big giant bullets” actually ripped it to shreds. A fitting fate for any of the HP deskjet products.

  16. AcidReign says:

    …..That was indeed an awesome physical feat! I think it was probably a good stress-buster. A half-hour of therapy is more expensive than a belt of .30 caliber ammo, I’m guessing.

  17. Madrid says:

    I don’t support the war, but I support our troops, and this is DEFINITELY one of those times I support, whole-heartedly, our troops, this capt. in particular. That HP 4-in-1 POS is the pits. I’m sending the video along to a family member who has the same device.

    Worthy use of taxpayers dollars? You fuckin’ bet your soft asses.

  18. timster says:

    Bravo! I, the taxpaper, support this soldier’s use of my tax dollars to destroy that crappy piece of equipment. His video has saved the consumer countless millions of dollars with that video by warning us not to buy that particular model and forcing HP into better customer service! HP is now more receptive to product returns and the need to better manufacture/engineer their products! And all for the cost of a few bucks in ammo!! Talk about Return on Investment! Not only is the American soldier protecting us from terrorists, but also from Corporate indifference! So thank you once again from all fair-minded, thinking Americans!

    The American consumer

    PS. And what is with you whiny liberals and your constant use of the word “unacceptable.” It’s like you suffer from groupthink!

  19. x-hp-employee says:

    As an x

  20. x-hp-employee says:

    As an “X” HP employee I can only say that to be profitable on a global cost structure you need to make these products as cheap as possible. HP calls that the tornado effect. Rush the product to market and sacrifice quality for quantity and low cost to blow out the competition. Anyway, I say, buy a cheap printer, and then deal with the results! Buy an Epson if you want quality! Epson maintains quality and that is an inside secret! I bet that Carley Fiorina did not print the draft of her new book on HP equipment… She would never get it to press! OK I feel better now to say my peace. All the truth!

  21. God says:

    That’s funny, worrying about your tax dollars. Look at what you “tax payers” have elected to run the US. His only fault is wasting the bullets on the printer instead of you whiners. Once you actually step up to the plate like these service members, you really get no say.

  22. ibpod says:

    Curiousity over the cost of the Soldier firing at a HP printer. IT should be considered a Cost of Freedom. His Freedom of Speach is curtailed but he will Fight to The Death for your freedom to question his actions. How many of you will do the same? It likely cost about $2.00 a round as they probably are reloads. Chalk it up to training or target practice.

  23. mrwok says:

    @Ran Kailie:

    So, we should court martial this soldier for having a little fun/blowing off some steam, which could result in him having to serve military jail time and receiving a bad-conduct discharge, which, in turn, would severely damage his ability to find employment on his return to civilian life.

    I’d hate to be your mailman. Off with his head, my mail is late!

    Read this before you start throwing around the term court martial.