Issues Fake Humbert Humbert Alerts

Brian Crecente — another a fellow absorbed fetus in Gawker’s bulging, all-consuming belly of blogs — wrote us with a truly scummy scam running in his neighborhood, hyping on parents’ crazed paranoia of pedophiles:

    This morning a crew of pamphleteers hit my neighbhorhood (I live in subrbia
    Highlands Ranch outside of Denver) and stuck little notices to everyone’s

    The notice read: “ATTENTION NEIGHBORS: A Sex Offender Moved Into This Area! We are asking everyone to become aware. Find out who they are and what their address is.@”

    I heard all of my neighbors talking about it and quickly hopped to the site
    where I discovered a field for my zipcode and email address. I entered both (fake) and it just passed me on to the official, and totally free, state run sex offender’s list with the search results for my zip code.

    I did some brief digging and found out that the site was registered on Sept.
    4 by Domains By Proxy, a company that registers site names for other people
    for privacy reasons. I’ve also called the local sheriff’s office, which promises to investigate.

    Besides the obvious fear-mongering, I can’t figure out what this is all
    about. There has to be cheaper ways to build email lists.

Frankly, I find it absurd that sex-offenders (even when wrongfully convicted) can never serve out their sentence for the crime, especially with the lack of murderer or violent criminal tracking lists. But I assume this is market research for some sort of paid anti-pedophile service, which is as sleazy as it goes. Anyone else run into this? Got any information?


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  1. Brian B says:

    That’s a bizarre site. I have 3 possible reasons for this thing existing (none of which seem like very good business ideas):

    1. By supplying their e-mail address and zip code, users may give the site’s operators immunity under the “existing business relationship” clauses of most do not call/spam legislation. Though I agree it’s a really expensive way to build a database…

    2. This thing could eventually morph into some sort of splog site to exploit hyper-cautious parents once traffic hits critical mass.

    3. It could be quite possibly the least profitable way to build traffic to a domain in hopes of selling it to some other sucker.

  2. Fatlimey says:

    Oh dear child, you have an outmoded pre-1950’s concept of Justice! The idea of “Just Desserts” has been swept away in this Modern Age, when Psychologists (and I’m not a Co$ Clam) decided that criminality is a sickness that can be cured and convinced the powers that be to fund the research into “fixing” the crims. Prisoners now are subjected to a mix of “deterrant” sentencing and “rehabilitation” treatment of the underlying causes of their criminality. Just Desserts, the idea that you can “serve your time in pokey”, has nothing to do with Justice anymore.