Cleaning House…

• Our tech says RSS is fixed. Is it? Can you click on post titles and they now go to the comments page?

• Personally for Brownlee and I, load times have been really high today. Like, 20 seconds to load a comments page. Sometimes pages timing out. Can anyone else confirm this?

Let us know in the comments or tips at consumerist dot com.


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  1. Jupiter Jones says:

    I can confirm that the Consumerist has been loading really slowly all day. I guess this highlights how bored I am at work – I’m refreshing this site too often.

  2. d0x says:

    yes clicking the headline brought me here, and load times for this page was 29.609 seconds. Front page took 99.5 seconds for a 100% load and it was about 65 seconds before anything showed up. Its been that way since about Thursday but its worse by about 15 seconds today.

    For a little background im on a low latency 12mbps connection on the north east coast.

    Also the remember me checkbox doesnt seem to be doing anything and I am accepting cookies from this site.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It is very very very slow… on my T1 connection…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Its loading very very very slow..

  5. Tiger says:

    Yeah it is crawling

  6. TPIRman says:

    Agreed — the RSS link is now working, but I was stuck at 95% or so for a while.

  7. KevinQ says:

    RSS link now working, all of the Gawker websites I read (this, Wonkette, Kotaku) have been loading slow all day.


  8. Hawkins says:

    They appear to have moved you to a server constructed mostly out of cheese.

    Firefox reports that there are TWO things that it sits and waits for:, and Which sounds

  9. d0x says:

    I agree with Hawkins but when you say its waiting for thats kind of vauge. I believe when the page has loaded its waiting for images stored on the server to load. The style sheet loads after the text then its the images we wait for. At least thats how it seems.

    BTW the cookie seems to be working now, dunno why.

  10. mschlock says:

    RSS good again! Yay!

    Load time definitely slow. Thank goodness for tabbed browsing.

    I posted a comment earlier, but what actually happened is it sat on “Sending comment” for at least three minutes at which point I gave up.

  11. Franklin Comes Alive! says:

    It’s not just consumerist that is slow. I think the proverbial Gawker hamster has died again.

  12. Gari N. Corp says:

    Yeah, can confirm it is rather slow. Still, at least your feed’s font (I’m reading on Sage/firefox) is normal size. Gawker’s RSS is all little.

  13. Anonymously says:

    Very slow.

  14. Shaggy says:


  15. AcilletaM says:

    I actually submitted this comment before 5…