Crunch Fitness, I Wish I Could Quit You

Crunch Fitness has some odd protocol for canceling your membership.

According to Not Star Jones over at The Unemployment Cafe, he thought he’d quit Crunch like Heath Ledger over two months ago. He called; he canceled; he was told he’d be charged a $25 cancelation fee; he accepted.

But that didn’t stop Crunch from continuing to withdraw money from his account. Why? Because, apparently, while they are perfectly capable of withdrawing membership fees from his bank account automatically, they require him to walk down with a $25 check and give it to a Crunch Fitness representative in person.

Not Star Jones seems puzzled by this. Of course, we’re not: walking down and handing them a $25 check is one more opportunity for them to try to pressure you into changing your mind, and guarantees they can squeeze a few more months payments out of you. Business as usual in sleazeland.

Crunch Fitness — Why can’t you just accept that IT’S OVER? [Unemployment Cafe]

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