AOL Now Looking in Spammer’s Grandpappy’s Yard For Gold

Rebuffed by former neo-Nazi Davis Wolfgang Hawke’s parents, AOL turned to his grandparent’s yard in their search for gold. AOL won a $13 million spam suit against Hawke last year but has been unable to collect. They’re convinced Hawke buried $351,000 in gold and platinum bars on his parent’s property. Or his grandparents. Whoever comes first.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has some interesting factoids about Davis Hawke, born one Andy Greenbaum. That’s right, even as he told Fox News that, in his position of Commander of the Neo-Nazi group he founded in high school, “I plan to make the Final Solution a reality,” and telling Rolling Stone, “sterilization is a must” for every Jew, he was hiding that his father was in fact Jewish!

After the SPLC discredited him and fellow white nationalists began deriding his as “The Kosher Nazi,” Hawke turned to a life of spam, selling penis-enlargement pills.

Do you like the collage we made of Hawke photos?

AOL, leave these poor people alone. They’ve suffered enough having such a fruitloop in the family.

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