A Month of Free T-Mobile WiFi

Lounging about Starbucks, full of caffeinated hipster ennui? No open networks off of which to freeload: merely that annoying T_MOBILE_COM network, hanging around your jock, sniffing for money?

Well, here’s a fairly good deal: to promote their partnership with Kodak’s EasyShare One wifi photo service, T-Mobile is offering 30 days of free HotSpot wifi access at any of its locations across the States.

Seems pretty swell, right? Well, there’s a couple drawbacks. First of all, you have to create a T-Mobile account to take advantage of the offer. When you create your account, you can choose either Pay-As-You-Go or monthly subscription. If you want this to be free and not to have to make any obnoxious canceling calls, we recommend making damn sure you tick “Pay As You Go.”

A lamer problem is they want your credit card information, even if you tick “Pay As You Go.” Free things requiring a credit card always raises an eyebrow at Consumerist HQ. But as the offer ends December 31st, if you have multiple credit cards and don’t mind employing them to get something for nothing, it looks like you could conceivably open as many accounts as you’d like until then.

As usual, we’re sending you to another site… a site that wants your credit card to give you something free. So don’t trust us on this. We’re pretty convinced the offer’s on the level (and signed up ourselves, although we’re not near a T-Mobile hotspot to test right now), but show some common sense and scrutinize the fine print and the domain name before you enter anything.

30 Days of Free T-Mobile WiFi [T-Mobile.com]