UPDATE: Comcast Guide Re-Added

Last night, Comcast put ads on the TV guide channel. People were mad. Then they took ’em off. People were happy.

Now, as of around 8pm ET tonight, the ads are back on. Daniel says, “After speaking with a customer service rep in Knoxville, TN, they told me they would not be removing the ad but they could pass the complaint on to the powers that be.”

We asked our gal in the Comcast PR office what was up and she’s promised a statement tomorrow morning so we shall see what we shall see.


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  1. Bo Link says:

    I’ve just moved to Knoxville, and I don’t see any ads on my guide. I’m using the Motorola DVR box. I’ll be pissed if I see ads on the guide. The reps WILL hear from me.

  2. Bo Link says:

    I don’t see any ads on my Motorola DVR yet here in Knoxville. The CSRs on duty once I see will wish they called in sick that day. Ads and pay service are to terms that should never go together – especially at the prices Comcast charges.

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  4. If Comcast would just tell us who we have to kill to get rid of those ads, then he’s a dead man and problem solved.

  5. Triteon says:

    Playing off yesterday’s convo, crayonshinobi: it’s going to get worse. Not just on Comcast but other places.
    How about ads on the golf cart? Hit the GPS button on the 9th fairway and you’ll get an ad reminding you to hydrate at the turn.
    Or the supermarket? Watch when you put your groceries on the chekcout lane. That black roller will be a 4-color ad soon.
    These are but a couple examples of what is to come, if you haven’t experienced them yet. I was all prepared to post this morning how Comcast had taken the ads down, how the power of the people prevailed! (This was the point I was attmepting to make yesteday– if we don’t put up with this ad creep then they’ll stop it…and our best vote is with the pocketbook.) Then the ads came back, the very next day…

  6. Brianron says:

    What is wrong with having ads everywhere you look?

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