Macbook Random Shutdown of Doom

Somehow, owners of the new Macbooks got over greasy geek besmirching. They even learned to live with non-beveled corners. Now, after 1-2 months of ownership, a new culprit raises its fell head. It’s called, “Random Shutdown Syndrome” or “RSS” and it’s even got its own blog. There’s even a couple of YouTube videos.

• Shuts down unexpectedly ’bout 10 times a day.
• Boots after 10-20 times pushing the power button.
• Only shows vertical stripes.
• Only shows horizontal stripes.
• Shuts down after playing Quicktime movies.
• Won’t stay on.
• Shuts down after ac adaptor is removed.
…And many more!

A recent Apple firmware update is supposed to resolve the issue but some consumers say that hasn’t helped either.

Any readers suffering from RSS?

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