• iTunes back to school playlists use cagey euphemisms for various cliques, like “The Faithful” – “identifiable only by their bracelets, charms and accessories containing certain symbols or page numbers from sacred texts” and “Exchange Students” – “because nothing livens up a party like a half-drunk Latvian girl singing “Hollaback Girl” in broken English.” [Gayer Mechanic Wales]
• People are getting spam on email addresses they only use on their Ameritrade account. Not just any spam, pump-and-dump penny stock spam. Sounds like a brute force spamsploision to us but these people are convinced Ameritrade data is compromised. [Bill Katz]
• I wanted an elliptical machine, not a Mobius striptease! [Free Money Finance]
• If you run an email promotion, Cingular, make sure the products are being offered for less than what people would pay by going to your very own website. [eCommerce Cache]