The Power of Chase Compels You! The Power of Chase Compels You!

Chase really wants you to sign-up for their new paperless statement service. They really want it bad. Like “sit on your sternum and break your fingers one by one until you sign-up” style bad.

Scott C. sent us this screenshot of a recent interstitial offer that he saw when he logged into his Chase Account. Notice anything? That’s right, there’s no way to not sign-up for it. As Scott wrote:

    There was NO option to NOT activate these, no button for “no thanks” and no “fuck off” button. I had to log off and login again to get past it.

Of course, who needs hard copy data, or a thoughtful user interface, when it means a few less trees vivisected? We can’t wait to see Chase take this approach to credit card or loan applications. Or maybe just a big, conspicuous “Yes! Empty my account!” button.

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