The Power of Chase Compels You! The Power of Chase Compels You!

Chase really wants you to sign-up for their new paperless statement service. They really want it bad. Like “sit on your sternum and break your fingers one by one until you sign-up” style bad.

Scott C. sent us this screenshot of a recent interstitial offer that he saw when he logged into his Chase Account. Notice anything? That’s right, there’s no way to not sign-up for it. As Scott wrote:

    There was NO option to NOT activate these, no button for “no thanks” and no “fuck off” button. I had to log off and login again to get past it.

Of course, who needs hard copy data, or a thoughtful user interface, when it means a few less trees vivisected? We can’t wait to see Chase take this approach to credit card or loan applications. Or maybe just a big, conspicuous “Yes! Empty my account!” button.


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  1. Paul D says:

    I’m surprisingly OK with this. I don’t really like needless paper in the mail.

    However, when I logged in to my Chase account and clicked “Activate
    FREE paperless statements”, I got an error message and was allowed to
    continue on to My Accounts.


  2. Myron says:

    Good opportunity to call them up and spend about 20 minutes talking with a service rep about how to get past the screen. If you have the time to kill, then share the pain with them.

  3. Hooray4Zoidberg says:

    I’m torn on the paperless thing. On one hand, I don’t like getting them because I pay my bills online and it’s just unnecessary to have. But on the other hand, getting a paper statement costs a lot of money for a company like Comcast. Environmental issues aside, it saves me the mere inconvenience of shredding a bill. But it’s saving companies like Comcast literally millions of dollars a year to do away with paper.

    I’d be fine with that if I were to pass the savings on to me, like in form of cheaper cable. But all that I see is them raising cable prices and lining their pockets with the extra money they save on paper, envelopes, printers, postage ect. For that reason I make Comcast keep sending me a bill that I never even open.

  4. DeeJayQueue says:

    Plus it’s always a good idea to keep hard evidence in case of a problem later down the line, as we see here time and time again where companies change the terms of the contract midway through it and try to act like nothing happened, or refuse to end a contract once it’s reached its end due to paperwork snafus. People that keep meticulous records have at least for real paper on their side, which goes farther in court than a string of emails.

  5. Ishmael says:

    It boggles the mind that they’re trying to force Scott to go paperless, but I’m bombarded with their junk mail all the time.

  6. Triteon says:

    I think we’re closer to “we’re charging you for your paper bill” than we are to “ebill and save $”.
    I’m with Sprint (yes, lousy CSRs but crystal-clear service), and by signing up for online (only) billing I can save $5. Not per month, once! Screw that.

  7. I dunno why Scott is complaining. Look how happy that dude in the screenshot is. “Going paperless” apparently feels about as good as being pleasured by a beautiful woman.

  8. AcidReign says:

    …..Hmm. Chase wanted to charge me $16 a month to go paperless a while back on my Visa. My local bank (Compass) started charging extra to send cancelled checks back years ago. They still want a monthly fee for online banking, too.

  9. jmfc says:

    I ran ito this same thing. But when I tried to login a few more times, in hope to get pass this, no luck – kept getting this screen so finally I needed to click it (since I needed to get to my account since my cc card was lost and needed to check activity) and got the error also. Now I don’ know if I am changed to paperless or not. Gonna have to call.

  10. LeopardSeal says:

    Ah yes, I see it now: In the future, banks will stop sending any kind of statement to you, electronic or otherwise. If you are unable to correctly guess how much money you owe them, they will simply come and take your spouse/child into servitude until the debt is paid off. Sure it’s harsh, but it beats the old bank tactic of a sledgehammer to the credit bureau.

  11. katvoros says:

    I wasn’t paying close enough attention, I guess. I must have signed on for paperless statement without even knowing it. Busy time for me, months went by, and I finally noticed that I hadn’t gotten a statement. By that time, (I had 2 accounts with them), one card was declined and I had late fees. The second card, used only for emergencies, I had no idea whatever was a paperless statement. Starting with a 49 dollar charge, I now owe them well over 100 dollars with late fees. My interest rate is almost 30%. Time to cancel.

  12. kasik says:

    They have one more reason (or main reason) to go paperless – to avoid sending any statement for a month (apparently they have the right to do so!) and fine a customer with late fees. This happened to me. I went paperless (to save trees), and I have not received any kind of statement for over a month. That caused me to be late (by couple of days) with a payment and obviously late fees. Additionally, I lost the promotional 3.99% offer on this card balance, and it jumped to 17.99% – this really hurts. I spoke to them, and even though I have never been late with payments with them – they wont do anything to help out! This practice is really unfair – since the only warning I got while signing up paperless was, that I might receive an extra paper statement for a month or two. An EXTRA, not NOTHING AT ALL.