Late Breaking Story Updates

• Dan vows to fight to “the bitter end” in order to find out what that Time Warner Cable tech showed up to his apartment for no apparent reason.
• After Adam L sent in a letter about a cracked out and dirty Travelodge he stayed at, the president’s office called to tell him they were looking into the matter.
• An employee at Shaw’s says Alana Lipkin is no savvy consumer. He writes, ” I just wanted to say Alana is the worst shopper ever. I’ve had to deal with her 4 time in the past year. the fact is she is not the one who is looking for the prices , She has her two kids who are like 6 doing that job.”
• The business address for our “exciting at home job” resolves to a car park in Cheadle.
• The former HP CSR confirms that the outsourced call center was indeed stream. Without being prodded to, he adds, “No, I can’t give you any more information. One of my informants is extremely concerned that there won’t be a job on Monday for them.”