Please Copy 415 Serial Numbers To Complete Your Apple Battery Recall

Paul is the tech guy at an all-Mac private school and he’s more steaming than a self-immolating battery.

415 of the computers under his domain] need battery replacements. Apple said that to process his request he needs to “supply them with the serial number from each and every battery and iBook in spreadsheet form to make the swap.”

This bothers him. He says, “I’ll get right on that Apple, in the copious amounts of spare time that I have! I’m supposed to drop everything I’m doing and spend hours rectifying a screwup that I am the victim of. Bastards!”

While the magnitude be staggering, we’re not sure what else Apple is supposed to do. Maybe Paul can get the school to offer students extra credit for helping you transcribe? We’re surprised there isn’t some nice, curvy Mac app that can “sense” which machines are affected and iNtuit the serial numbers into a multimedia mashup.