Exciting Jobs Await, No Sunlight Required

We just got this spam in our inbox.

    “Hello, please can I have your attention for a moment? Would you like to work online from home/temporarily and get paid weekly?well as i just come across your name and address posted online and I would be very interested in offering you a part-time paying job in which you could earn alot. This job would be based on contract and commission terms, it is a part-time job and it would involve quite a handful of trust and honesty. If you would be interested in including a good-paying,part time job to your daily list of activities, then you could kindly reply autoshippers_co@yahoo.co.uk and I would be glad to brief you more.Thank You Regards, S&A International Ltd 31 Wilmslow Rd, Cheadle, Cheshire London SE28 0LS”

Dude, we’re bloggers. We already have all those things. Learn to segment your mailing list more micro, brick licker.