Starbucks/McDonald’s Global Dominion Graph

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This totally kickass graph shows the Starbuck stores by country, along with the coffee bean, paper cup and sugar sources. On the right, it shows the McDonald’s stores by country, but curiously, no sources.

This is because everything that goes into a McDonald’s meal is made in a low-slung factory in New Jersey.

The Magic Bean Shop, The Fries That Bind Us(Thanks to Chris!)


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  1. Jesse Lee says:

    Is it wrong that I see the Starbucks map as a way to file the undotted nations under “Countries Not to Move To”?

  2. Triteon says:

    Jesse– yes. I now thinking Madagascar would be a nice place to visit.

  3. Magister says:

    In Fast Food Nation, it stated (I seem to remember) that McDonalds buys its meat as locally as possible for each location. At least in same country.

    I remember a couple years ago when Subway ended up actually opening up more stores than McDonalds, is that still true? Or was that just domestically?

  4. Does that mean that Alaska doesn’t have a McDonalds?

  5. mactbone says:

    There’s one dot per country. It’s not geographically representative in the way you think.

  6. SpecialK says:

    Not too shabby… even if the numbers are three years old.

  7. clearly, the NATO burger defense shield was on a faster development track.

  8. Cap says:

    kinda funny that the countries that contribute to producing the materials for a cup of Starbucks—don’t have a significant presence of Starbucks.

  9. Morton Fox says:

    Consider that Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and KFC are owned by the same company. (Yum brands) So it is a little misleading to graph the revenues for the 3 brands separately. In fact, many of their restaurants now serve two or more brands at the same location.

  10. insignis says:

    “On the right, it shows the McDonald’s stores by country, but curiously, no sources.”

    You mean the part on the right where it says “Sources:, CIA World Factbook, Fortune Magazine” just below the biggest red dot and above the restaurants?

  11. insignis says:

    apologies. I misread. The colored arrows are missing from the right side.