EXCLUSIVE: Giftassistant.com Scam, The Inside Scoop

After we talked about a bogus gift card site and mistakenly implied that the fellas listed as authors in the source code were involved with defrauding consumers, one of the came forward to clear up the facts.

On his blog, Aaron Forgue tells what really went down with TheGiftAssistant.com and the eventful day when they started on the fast track to financial success: shutting off the phones.

Forgue had an IM convo with us to further illuminate matters. In it, he provided the cell phone numbers for the real people behind the shystering Tom Candelaresi and John Gerlach. Forgue says that if you’ve had money taken from you by TheGiftAssistant, and you call Tom and John, they will refund you. Hopefully not in gift cards.

Our bleary-eyed interview with Forgue, inside.


Here’s that Local 12 investigates story, with Howard Ain!