Dell Has Something Important to Tell The Consumerist About Blazing Batteries

Seems our lil ol blog has finally raised the ire of Dell. A day that will go down in history. John Q. Pope, acting as media relator for Dell, wants to correct a post of ours, “Dell Battery Recall May Not End Explosions.”

Everyone is entitled to an opinion but they should not get in the way of facts. Dell does not design its products as you report. Dell, the acting head of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and others are on record as saying the root cause of the battery issue is a Sony manufacturing issue — and not a Dell design issue. If that is not enough, then perhaps Apple’s recall today of 1.8 million Sony batteries will drive home reality. Speaking for Dell, we have worked very closely with Sony, are confident they have they rectified the problem, and we have every confidence in their batteries going forward.

Pope, thank you for reaching out. Now the niceties are out of the way… Dell doesn’t design its own products? Well then who does? Guess that’s one way to keep costs down.

Just kidding, we are deliberately misconstruing your comment for comedic effect.

But seriously, what then do you make of what a Sony spokesman says to Consumer Affairs at the bottom of this article? “”We believe the fire was caused by the combination of batteries and system architecture.”

Question mark.

Second Question. Beyond what others are saying, is Dell saying that architecture in no way contributed to the battery fires?

At Pope’s request, we’re extending a comments invite so perhaps we have a new comments participant.

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