Apple Recalls G4 Batteries

Apple announced a recall of 1.8 million laptop batteries.

If you own a 12 or 15-inch PowerBook G4, or a 12-inch iBook G4, check the serial number against the ones listed at You can request a replacement battery there or call (800) 275-2273

The recall news comes “hot on the heels” of Dell & Sony’s battery recall last week.

Apple Recalls Batteries” [CPSC] (Thanks to Tim & Jay!)


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  1. homerjay says:

    sweet! Just when my battery was starting to lose its ‘potency.’ Now if only they’d recall the battery in my Nano…

  2. segfault, registered cat offender says:

    CoconutBattery is reporting that my 12″ PowerBook has 77% of its original battery capacity after 158 charge cycles–not bad for a 20-month-old computer. Looks like I should be good for at least another 20 months after Apple replaces my battery!

    I have had a Nano since they were first introduced and can’t personally tell any difference in battery life–unfortunately there is no utility like CoconutBattery to monitor the technical aspects of iPod battery performance. Battery life on the Nano has always been poor if I’m using the menu and backlight a lot, or if the volume is up past 3/4.

    Apple is asking for the batteries to be returned to them–I presume Dell is as well. I wonder what will happen when or if some of the defective ones combust in the mail?

  3. segfault, registered cat offender says:

    Crap, I knew I forgot something. Check out for more information on lithium-ion batteries and tips on how to care for them so as to extend their useful life.