Exploding Glass Adveco TV Stand

The webs that are inter are dripping with piss and vinegar over an exploding glass TV stand.

Several months after purchasing an $1000 glass stand from Adveco for his flat panel plasma TV, the stand burst, shooting shards around his room. The complainant is bothered because the stand had a stated load capacity of 250 lbs while his Panasonic 50PX500U weighs 181 lbs. On its website, Adveco says the stand supports flat panel screens up to 50 inches.

He reports that both the manufacturer, Avdeco Inc, and the dealer, Threshold Concepts, have been completely unresponsive to his calls and emails.

Some commenters point out that a variety of failures either during or after manufacture could have contributed to the glass failure. Additionally, the stand’s different shelves have different load capacities. It’s possible during assembly the consumer accidentally switched shelves.

Whatever the answer, the mob has developed a serious hate-on for Adveco and will not be soon sated.

One question may remain forever shrouded in mystery: why anyone would fork over $1000 for an average glass stand from an unknown manufacturer they found online. (Thanks to everyone who sent this in!)


Stats from manufacturer.



Plasma TV after crashing.


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