Exploding Glass Adveco TV Stand

The webs that are inter are dripping with piss and vinegar over an exploding glass TV stand.

Several months after purchasing an $1000 glass stand from Adveco for his flat panel plasma TV, the stand burst, shooting shards around his room. The complainant is bothered because the stand had a stated load capacity of 250 lbs while his Panasonic 50PX500U weighs 181 lbs. On its website, Adveco says the stand supports flat panel screens up to 50 inches.

He reports that both the manufacturer, Avdeco Inc, and the dealer, Threshold Concepts, have been completely unresponsive to his calls and emails.

Some commenters point out that a variety of failures either during or after manufacture could have contributed to the glass failure. Additionally, the stand’s different shelves have different load capacities. It’s possible during assembly the consumer accidentally switched shelves.

Whatever the answer, the mob has developed a serious hate-on for Adveco and will not be soon sated.

One question may remain forever shrouded in mystery: why anyone would fork over $1000 for an average glass stand from an unknown manufacturer they found online. (Thanks to everyone who sent this in!)


Stats from manufacturer.



Plasma TV after crashing.



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  1. Magister says:

    Anyone that feels they can afford a $1000 freaking TV stand, really doesn’t have any worries if it breaks. They should be able to just replace it quickly. They must be made of money.

    I bought stand at Wal-Mart.. But it wasn’t made of glass, that would just be stupid.

  2. I like the look of glass tables/counters/desks. But I was always afraid of something like that happening.

    Walmart furniture may not be the best, but it sure is cheap and usually lasts just as long. (and you don’t feel bad about throwing it away once it does quit)

  3. HaxRomana says:

    Magister, I don’t think the replacement of the actual item is the main issue here. Filthy rich or no, I would also be concerned about something “shooting shards” of glass around my house. A jagged chunk of glass in the heart will kill a rich person just as dead as a poor one.

  4. The reason that the glass “shot” around the room is that it is tempered glass. This tempered (safety glass) is used in places where a shatter could be dangerous, like your shower doors, or where strength is needed, like a TV stand.

    The fact that the glass shattered around the room means that the glass did it’s job. Though I’m sure it was scary, it was not dangerous.

    I sympathize with the consumer here…for a long time I had a 29″ TV on a little cheap stand with no problem. Later I bought a 36″ and when I placed the TV on the stand it noticeably leaned and creaked despite the fact that it was rated for the weight…I bought another stand right away. The least this company could do is refund him for the price of the stand…or if the product was able to be assembled in such a way that the weaker glass could be put at the top, then their design is flawed.

  5. DeeJayQueue says:

    tempered glass, when it breaks, breaks into tiny pebbles. That’s why auto glass is made that way. So that it doesn’t cut you on your way through it should you decide to ram into a telephone pole.

    Normally if the pieces have different load capacities they would be stickered as such upon assembly.

    Also the load capacity is based on an even load. If his TV has a smallish base or there was a single point of contact, that whole 250# would be on that one point instead of spread all over the piece. That would probably make it shatter.

  6. Seriously though, why on earth did he drop $1000 on this thing? From the pic, it doesn’t really look all that great (disregarding the shattered glass of course). I mean, the legs are just hollow tubes with gigantic notches cut into the sides for the glass- for $1000, I’d be expecting something a little nicer looking.

    The question is- how did the TV fall? If the glass shattered, wouldn’t the TV have fallen straight down, breaking all that stuff below it on the stand? And if it fell forward, how did it survive? High end TVs aren’t really made to be dropped two feet onto their screen.

  7. timmus says:

    How much you want to wager the stuff is made in China? Such an assumption begs the question: how much control does an American company have over the quality of worksmanship at a Chinese factory? So, yeah, I’d have to agree about the insanity of putting such weight on anything glass… especially if I had suspicions the company had little oversight over the manufacturing process.

  8. Papa K says:

    I’m with KurticusMaximus. “My stand broke but the components are okay, and the TV – which fell on top of them, or fell on it’s screen (hitting the poles on its way down) – is A-okay!” sounds a little more like “I decided to use it as a ladder to hang my kick-ass $1000 reprint of an M.C. Escher drawing above my $1000 stand.” Maybe I’m just jealous, but it sounds flawed.

  9. jr303pe says:

    I had the same thing happen with my Bello Plasma Stand.

    As my wife and I were in another room of our home we heard this strange cracking sound and then a HUGE BOOM.

    We ran to the room where our plasma TV was and the entire top shelf had exploded all over the room and the plasma stand had fallen to the floor and was a total loss.

    I am currently in a lawsuit against Ultimate Electronics, Ultimate Aquisition parters, and Bello International over the failure of the stand.