Bank of America Ruined My Credit

Bank of America’s errors trashed Clay’s credit rating and refused to fix their mistakes. So he put up an ever-burning totem pole of shame,

It details how first BofA entered the contract as starting in 1996, instead of 1997. Then when Clay returned his vehicle after four years and making all payments, BofA reported it as repossessed. Clay’s FICO dropped from 720 to 521, inversely proportional to his rage.

Now BofA says they will clear up the record, if Clay pays $8342.47. He’s opting for litigation and good ol’ fashioned public humiliation. His full story along with many supporting documents are on the site.

Congrats, Clay, you’re our jilted consumer of the week!


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  1. thrillhouse says:

    Wow – so about credit reports… Its difficult to tell from the backstory stated. But inacuracies on your credit report should first be reported and taken up with the credit bureau in question. The Bank would then have 30 days to dispute your claim, other wise you can have it removed. If they dispute your… dispute, then you would need to directly contact the bank. Also, dispite it being a national bank, its always good to discuss the matter with the local branch or regional manager. Usually easier to deal with, and more understanding.

    Maybe thats what Clay did – can’t tell.

    Also – I don’t encourage needlessly trashing your credit score, but you also should not worship it. You don’t need it. For every legit service that requires it, theres another that will aprove you the old fashioned way.

  2. Karl says:

    Unfortunately, the original contact Clay posted had the incorrect date
    on it, and yet he signed it anyway. That doesn’t make BofA’s behavior
    excusable (or legal), but this really shows that you always have to
    carefully look over anything you sign.

  3. ProfJonathan says:

    The URL you show is wrong–it has an extra “i” in it after the slash. {Prof. Jonathan}

  4. any such name says:

    that’s what you get for buying a Ford Explorer.

  5. amelia says:

    Beware of budget airlines

    Booked my tropical vacation with Spirit airlines to leave NYC on Aug 30,2006. Got to LaGuardia on the morning of Aug 30, and was told at the desk that the flights were cancelledbecause of the weather. That lapse in customer service cost us $200 in cab fares. I got home and called Spirit airlines for an explanation as to why we were not informed of the cancellation prior to going to the airport, and was told that it was our responsibility to call, and they did not have the resources to call or email all their travelers to inform them of cancellations. I enquired about the next available flight and was told that I would not be able to leave NYC until Sept 3. I called Spirit back under the guise of booking a new flight to my destination and was offered a seat at $1000 more than the ticked I was holding. Their explanation was, thatI am holding a coach class ticket and they were only selling Business class and I would therefore have to wait until they had coach seats available days later. Some customer service eh? American Airlines takes the time to call and email all their customers in the event of a cancellation