Consumerist Ask Metafilter Round-Up

• What advice — reasonably accurate, simple, and not absurdly out of sync with the real world — do you offer your children about sharing music? [Link]

• Please help my sister and me liberate ourselves (in a wise way) from a bitter, albeit shiny, inheritance [Link]

• Cell phone signal! Arggg. How can I improve my coverage at my desk? [Link]

• Would it be feasible to dump nuclear waste into volcanoes? [Link]

• Is it scientifically proven that straight men live longer by looking at women’s breasts? href=”″>[Link]

• In about a year, I’ll be moving from Waco, TX to Los Angeles. Is U-Haul my cheapest option? [Link]

• I own a “valuable” domain. Are there “agents” available to professionally market it for me? How would I choose such an agent? [Link]

• Does terminating a lease on a car early negatively affect your credit? [Link]