AOL’s Gold Rush Contest Strangely Parallels Legal Efforts

Maybe this is why AOL is so eager to get those gold bars from the spammer’s backyard?

    “With more than $2 million in gold hidden across the United States, Gold Rush will combine the excitement of online game play with offline integrations and reality competitions, creating a unique hybrid broadband video experience.

    The game will last seven weeks. Players will answer a series of pop culture challenges using clues scattered throughout the world of media and pop culture – on, CBS Television network programming and in popular magazines. “

Obviously they have funding problems.


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  1. mactbone says:

    I’m remembering a game from a couple years ago that had a similar – play online and in the real world – premise. I think it was either a spy or criminal investigation type thing. You could get phone/pager calls and e-mails. All sorts of crazy stuff. It was hyped some in traditional gaming sources. This is going to drive me crazy now.