Words You Can’t Say on Verizon Wireless: ‘5’

The Ruby Red Bag is back, along with it’s thirty four foul-mouthed compatriots! And then fifty obscene lodge brothers. And the mysterious number “5”.

You might remember The Thirty Five Words You Can’t Use In Your Ringtone article we posted a while back, in which we childishly tittered and then listed ringtones Verizon didn’t want you to have. So imagine our delight when an expanded list of prohibited terms circled Gawker on Friday, this time in regards to what words couldn’t be redistributed as content updates over Verizon Wireless.

The list has gotten a lot more colorful since we last covered it. Terms like ‘hairpie’, ‘whiteswallow’, ‘fleshpopsicle’ and ‘gobtheknob’ make an appearance. Oh, and ‘5’. Any blog posts that contain the number 5 will not be republished over Verizon Wireless. According to various Digg commenters, this is because ‘5’ has become an underground code number for pedophilia. But that pretty much puts the kibosh on all blog posts from Lifehacker’s “5 Ways to Manage Your Money” to Fleshbot’s “5 Ways To Fist The Homo Hairpie”.

Head on over to our brother site Valleywag for the full list.

83 words you can’t say on Verizon Wireless [Valleywag]

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