UPDATE: Actually, Don’t Buy Tickets At The Midnight Hour

Yesterday, we claimed that sitting around bleary-eyed until midnight would net you the best airline ticket prices. Upgrade Travel read it; they snickered contemptuously, sending guffaws of elite contempt in our direction. Then, Mortal Kombat style, they ripped the dripping spine out of our hopes and dreams of cheap nocturnal airfares:

    Several blogs — at least 36 of them — picked up on this tip. The problem is it’s completely wrong. It’s pure, unadulterated bunk, a long-running myth of the airline industry.

    I consulted with the good folks at FareCompare.com, who reaffirmed my view. The Wednesday midnight rule is a myth.

Why’s it a myth? For one, held inventory is released every day at midnight — Wednesday is not the cheap fare G-Spot. Furthermore, most fares on hold just aren’t really all that cheap. Oh, and that midnight thing? That’s bunk too.

Okay, smart guy. When is the best time to get cheap tickets?

Mythbustin’: Is Wednesday at midnight the best time to buy airline tickets? [Upgrade Travel]