Clever Gambit For Debating CSRs

You wouldn’t think that making a cellphone call in your own bedroom would get charged as ‘roaming,’ but that’s exactly what happened to Andrew W. One side of his room is bathed in Sprint coverage. If he shifts to the other side of the bed, all of a sudden he’s roaming, and getting charged for it.

Not only was Andrew unhappy about the diminished service, his bill more than doubled.

The first Sprint CSR said he was screwed and had to deal with it. But in the second call, Andrew changed his tactics and got what he wanted.

He says, “When trying to get money back from a company because of a policy error on their part, start the CSR conversation with, “I had a question about your policy on _____, could you help me understand?” And only when they’re done explaining it, then state why you think that policy was incorrectly applied in your case. In other words, leave the pitch out of it until you and the CSR are on the same page. They’ll have no wriggle-room that way.”



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  1. conformco says:

    I’m pretty sure if I ‘shit’ to the other side of the bed I’d get charged too. Probably not by Sprint… more likely the EPA.

  2. RandomHookup says:

    and when you “fist” a CSR, he/she usually gets quite upset…

  3. Ben Popken says:

    Ow. Wow. I biked 22 miles yesterday and then the chinese food’s (Joe’s Ginger in Chinatown, very good!) MSG kept me up. Apologies for some early morning tomfoolery. Soon the alcohol and pot of coffee will kick in.

  4. d0x says:

    I get charged by Sprint/Nextel for calling Customer Service no matter where I am. Im also being charged for random text messages from random people and since I dont pay for text messaging I cant reply to tell them to knock it off.

    I called to shut text messages off altogether and Sprint/Nextel told me if I change my plan before my contract is up they will extend my contract another year. My contract expires Oct 1st 2006 and they still won’t make an exception.

  5. I forgot to add, at the end of the call the CSR (not the “fist” one, mind you) tried to upsell me on a $5/month roaming protection option, so that if I roam I won’t be charged the roaming rate (unless I roam for more than 150 minutes in a month).

    That is to say, Sprint incorrectly billed me for roaming that never happened–and then offered to protect me from those kind of mistakes in the future, for $5/month.

  6. RandomHookup says:

    “And my colleagues can make sure that youse buidness is adequately protected from nefarious operators such as ourselves.”

  7. “Do mobsters ever congregate outside your house?”

    “All the time. Sometimes I bring them lemonade.”

  8. billhelm says:

    huh? so he wasn’t roming but sprint claimed he was? or he can’t get a digital signal in parts of his house so his phone switches to roaming? It’s not really clear from this.

    there’s a way to turn roaming off on all sprint phones I’ve ever had. I usually do to avoid being charged these kinds of fees.

  9. HawkWolf says:

    what’s roaming? I don’t get charged for any call I make, anywhere, unless I’m in like the total vacant butthole where there’s only some weird virtual-provider’s analog signal.

    Maybe I’m missing something. When I had Tmo, my phone either worked or it didn’t – I never had to pay extra, at least where I go. With Cingular, I’m pretty sure I don’t have roaming either – I mean, is this roaming where there’d be no Cingular service, but there is some other GSM provider, so you have to pay extra?

    I know in the old analog days, everyone’s network was different and if you turned your head funny you’d hop three networks.

  10. lambster says:

    Roaming is when you are using another company’s tower. There is a setting on all Sprint phones which will allow you to ignore non-Sprint towers. Your bedroom just happens to be between two towers – one belongs to Sprint and one belongs to another company. On one side of your bedroom the Sprint signal is stronger; on the other side, the other company’s signal is stronger. If you set your phone to “Sprint only”, you will more than likely get service in your entire bedroom – on both sides of the bed!