VA Loses Another 38,000 Records

A drop in the bucket compared to the 26.5 million veteran’s records they lost before, but the VA has lost another 38,000 veterans records.

This time, although the number is smaller, targeted theft looks a lot more likely than before. A desktop computer was stolen from the offices of Unisys, a VA contractor. It just vanished into the ether. Employee walking off with a new desktop after hours?

The computer contains names, addresses, Social Security numbers and medical and billing information, but the VA assures us, no personal financial information. A cold comfort.

The theft prompted Senator Larry Craig, who chairs the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee, to demand “immediate steps” to fix data security at the VA. Um, yeah. To say the least.

At least we know who didn’t steal it.

VA Contractor Loses Computer Containing Personal Data [Consumer Affairs]

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