Monday Morning Reader Round-Up

We love good emails. Some weeks, we barely get them, but lately, the signal-to-noise ratio has been high. And we can’t thank you enough for it.

The bottom line is we can’t be everywhere. What this site dwells upon most is the one-on-one interaction between large corporations and the individual customer. But most of the time, that’s not the sort of interaction we can be part of first-hand. We have to be a third party, and that means you need to tell us what’s going wrong and what’s going right.

Last week, readers pointed out Walmart broiling babies and Sears’ reneg of a debt agreement. They told us about IDT salesmen telling elderly old men they would have to go to jail if they didn’t switch energy providers. They complained about Jiffy Lube destroying their cars; the eerie grins of obsequious idiots at Backyard Burger.

We always need these stories. We need to hear from you. So if you’ve got something you think needs to be posted on this site, mail us and tell us to post it. If it’s good, we will.

Likewise, if you’ve got suggestions or complains, let us know about them? Want commenting access? Mail us. Or wait until Wednesday, when we’ll be giving them out in real-time again in our Campfire chat room.

Last week’s reader submitted stories after the jump.

UPDATE: Circuit City Flouts The DMCA For A Tenner
Backyard Burger Wayyyy Too Friendly
UPDATE: Boiled Walmart Baby, With Pix
Best Buy Hates Firefox
Circuit City Flouts The DMCA For A Tenner
Milk is Fucking Awesome
Dasani, The Opposite of Gross
AOL Still Retaining Like A MoFugger
UPDATE: Boiled Walmart Baby
Steal Bandwidth From 419 Scammers
Lifehacker Suffers Trifecta of Crappy Cable Companies
Hungry? Eat a 419 Scammer
Don’t Buy From an Ebay Scam Bot
The Softer Side of Sears’ Ruthless Debt Collection
AOL Hates Hugs.
NONUPDATE: Cingular Wants to Yank Docs
Correction: Boiled Walmart Baby
Butter Trough Hoax?
IDT Energy Bilks Grandpa
Jiffy Lube Up For Double Reaming
Empire Who’s Who Service Gets Imperial
Cancel Your Cellphone By Dying
Complain: Mailing Address for Capital One CEO Richard Fairbank
Virgin Atlantic Flight 45
Welcome to The Butter Trough!
Baby Nearly Killed By Walmart’s Indifference

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