The Source of An Inconvenient ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ Spoof

Know this An Inconvenient Truth parody? If you’ve been on YouTube any time in the last 48 hours, very probably. Perhaps you were even one of the knee-jerk reactionaries who left a comment either praising (“Finally sockin’ it to those hippy pansies in the taint!”) or condemning it (“Wow, was that ever unfunny. Unlike that giant flap of skin on the neck of the guy who runs Exxon.”)

It’s a pretty weak retort to any serious argument in favor of global warming, but I still got a couple chuckles out of it. Never the less, suspicion is mounting on its indie cred after a trace on an email from the creator’s Yahoo! account resolved back to DCI Group, who are — surprise! — Exxon’s public relations and lobbying firm.

Exxon confirms their relationship to DCI, but denies having anything to do with the spoof: “We, like everyone else on the planet, have seen it, but did not fund it, did not approve it, and did not know what its source was.”

So it’s still a mystery. We tend to believe that Exxon would phrase their denial a bit less strongly if they were culpable. Of course, if DCI is in bed with one oil magnate, it might be a menage a trois.

Where did that video spoofing Gore’s film come from? [Post Gazette]