Even More Ways To Actually Use Your Miles

Our buddy Mark over at Upgrade Travel was a great help to us when we put together our recent How-To: Actually Use Your Frequent Flyer Miles.

But I guess our six bullet points weren’t enough for him. Manic completionist that he is, he’s updated his own site with no less than 8 addendums tips, tricks and points. For example, the downside of the 331 Day Rule:

Let’s say you call 11 months before your desired departure day, and you snag seats for the outbound. Unless you’re coming back the same day, your return ticket won’t be available for booking yet. Again, this is where the hold function is useful.

If you combine our How-To with Mark’s footnotes, the only free ticket you won’t be able to attain will be one from Xanadu to Zembla.

Using your frequent flyer miles: A followup to the Consumerist [Upgrade Travel]

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