Use Your Email or a Wikipad to Keep Track of CSR Shennanigans

If you’re not recording your customer service calls, lacking the proper cybertronic chips implanted in your jelly-like gray matter, Lifehacker has some great advice: keep track of your customer service issues through email. As their reader writes:

    Anytime I speak with customer service, I make a note of the rep’s name, what was discussed, and any other details (confirmation numbers and the like) in an email I send to myself. In the subject line, I list the company name and the subject of the conversation (Chase: July Phone Payment, for instance). I keep all of these emails in one folder. I won’t ever need 98% of these emails, but when I do they’re a godsend.

You can obviously do this with anything, like a notepad. And, actually, something I find very useful is keeping track of my customer service details via Wiki.

That all sounds so impressively Lifehackerish, doesn’t it? But there’s a couple of desktop Wiki apps that are just brilliant for this sort of thing. I use Voodoopad on the Mac, but Windows users can use a similar program called Zulupad.

The advantage to something like a Wikipad approach is that it gives you dynamic, autosaved control over your notekeeping, and you can automatically link keywords to similar issues for reference. You can also paste in things like receipts, scanned documents, etc.

Anyone else have any favored tools for dealing with customer service? Let us know in the comments.

Use your email to track customer service issues [Lifehacker]

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