TimeWarner’s Adelphia Buyout Continues to Suck For You

You don’t mess with a man’s football.

TimeWarner divvied up bankrupt Adelphia Cable’s assets yesterday, including buying all the customers. Service promptly began going FUBAR. First they screwed up Lifehacker’s internet and now they’re depriving customers of NFL preseason coverage. For the time being, there’s no more NFL Net.

Distraught, Marc says, “The lady at the 800 number was unresponsive, and dismissed my assertion that surely Adelphia’s deal with the NFL was still vaild.”

Well you can’t expect the new network to honor all the old agreements, right? Well it looks like it’s not a passive problem, or a technical snafu, but a deliberate move.

“As I research the problem, it seems that TW has yanked the NFL Net from former Adelphia markets to up the ante in its negotiations to get the NFL to lower its price,” says Marc. Maybe that’s why Adelphia was bankrupt in the first place.

Marc wants to know who he should cal at Time Warner to voice his concern.

Try the office of James D. Fellhauer, Chief of Customer Care, 203-328-4017. Ignore the scary system telling you the voicemail box isn’t working and wait for it to transfer you to an operator. Ask for the customer care advocate. We ended up reaching a Lorraine.


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  1. dave says:

    For once it seems the FCC stopped looking for tits and “shit”s on broadcast tv and did something useful for these poor folks. TW was ordered to return the NFL Net to full coverage in the previous areas. http://www.wben.com/news/fullstory.php?newsid=05499
    Now eveyone can enjoy “Making the Squad” — the cheerleader squad reality show — once again.

  2. Fuzzyman says:

    Interesting that Adelphia (Tele-Media in our area) hasn’t told us anything yet about who our new cable company will be. I’m guessing it will be Time Warner, as when I enter my ZIP code in their “What’s available in my area?” tool it redirects me to the Adelphia site.