Detect Paypal Phishes Without Thinking

Now you can determine whether that latest “Paypal Account Notification” you got was a Paypal phish and you don’t even have to have a brain. Phil says:

Forward any paypal mail you aren’t sure about to You will receive mail very quickly verifying if it is phishing or legit. I have had about five so far that were phishing this year. One was a legit from paypal.

We gave it a shot and got a response within minutes. We did have to look for it in our junk mail box. Our filters send all emails “From Paypal” straight to the compost.


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  1. Clare says:

    This tip works for ebay too. Send anything suspicious that’s ostensibly from ebay to, and you’ll get an email back quickly saying whether it’s legit or not.

  2. mrdelayer says:

    Here’s a quick way to tell. When eBay (and thus PayPal, too) send you an e-mail, they’ll use the name with which you registered, rather than “Dear PayPal valued customer” or whatever.