How Fast Is Your Internet, Really?

Are you getting the bit rate you signed up for? Take this quick and easy test and find out. We know its from Speakeasy (which doesn’t have an unbiased interest in showing your speed as slow…) but it’s better than the one by Ookla because you can select a nearby server to do it at.

If you’re getting less than you deserve, the plucky can call their ISP and try to force a discount.

Our results are above. Which could explain why it takes a while for us to reach full post count some days…


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  1. something_amazing says:

    It’s worth noting that you may want to choose a server that’s far away from you for more of a real-world aspect of how fast it is.

    If you want a fastest possible number, try to choose a server near your Point of Presence (POP). This may not necessarily be where you are– so you might have to dig to find out where your POP is. For instance, if you live in Delaware, your POP is most likely in Pennsylvania. (A verizon example)

  2. droppedD says:

    I used to work for a completely unrelated Northeastern broadband ISP… and we would regularly use speakeasy’s speed test when customers bitched about slow speeds to check their thoroughput. It’s fairly honest in its results, actually; most of our customers (except the ones with actual cable line problems) got better results on the test than the plans speakeasy advertised at higher prices than what ours cost.

    The kicker is, we had our own speed test, but it was a horrible java applet that rarely worked right (we were actually instructed to avoid using it). And the other alternative – getting random callers with little or no technical knowledge to try to command-line FTP test files – was, needless to say, very unattractive. poaching speakeasy’s test was just faster and easier.

  3. AcidReign says:

    …..It shows me at a higher speed test than Cnet’s bandwidth meter: 1233k down, 186 up. And I’m located in Rednekwood.

  4. LTS! says:

    Great test, I’d like to put up the damn local DSL offering against my Road Runner here to show them how much they suck. 7:30pm.. prime time and I’m screaming on my connection.

  5. Jim C. says:

    another speed test page:

  6. moejuda says:

    24633kbps down/ 10731kbps up? I have a fat connection here at work, but that seems a tad bit high…

  7. datruesurfer says:

    This especially applies to people on Comcast who want to bring down
    that insane price they charge for their crap service. I had a 6mbps
    line from them, ran the test on speakeasy and was getting half of that.
    I just ran the same test on my new FiOS 5/2 line and it came in at
    4.5/1.5 which is pretty good considering I’m on a Wi-Fi connection,