Sam’s Club Hates The Voluptuous

The thick slice of cheesecake to the right? The cover of Naughty Needles

This was a photo that was unfit to print according to decency standards. Thus spake the Topeka, Kansas Sam’s Club manager, who — in coordination with a “withered old crone hovering behind him, eyes popping, and mouth sucking open and closed, like a beached catfish” — spent several minutes tensely scrutinizing the photos at a Sam’s Club photo printing kiosk before making his decree. Not for publication about the store… simply to print in glossies for a customer, the author herself.

Nikol sums it up perfectly: “I don’t know why I expected better from a town that’s home to the church of godhatesfags.”

What’s The Matter With Kansas? Seriously. [Disgruntled Housewife]


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  1. Ishmael says:

    Two words, ma’am:

    Digital Camera

  2. It was digital, Ishmael. That’s why she was at a photo printing kiosk. Also, if you read the original article, the photo was on a CD. Just because it’s digital doesn’t mean you want to print it at home (I do, but I have a really good photo printer, something a lot of people don’t).

  3. AcidReign says:

    …..They have self-serve photo printers at our local Kincos.