Continental Airlines: Eliter Than Thou

When checking the status of his Continental Frequent Flyer miles, Upgrade Travel discovered that he had been subjugated to a cattle car with the rest of Continental’s social refuse, a tattoo brand of ‘Non-Elite’ scrawled across the skin of his metaphorical forearm.

Rejected terminology for Continental Airlines’ base level Frequent Flyers?

Hose beast

And that’s just to get you rolling. Come up with your own!

Continental Wants You To Know Your Place


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  1. missdona says:

    When you actually fly Continental, they separate the “elites” from the “non-elites” with a separate line and a swanky carpet for the “elites.”

    I said to a check-in agent once, “I’ll be over here, in the non-elite/less-than/not good enough line.” She said, “Oh, it’s not like that!” and I said “Oh, but it is. The elites are physically separated from us less-thans.”

  2. Ishmael says:

    Now, the Star-Belly Sneetches
    Had bellies with stars.
    The Plain-Belly Sneetches
    Had none upon thars.

    Those stars weren’t so big.
    They were really so small
    You might think such a thing
    wouldn’t matter at all.

    But, because they had stars,
    all the Star-Belly Sneetches
    Would brag, “We’re the best kind of Sneetch
    on the beaches.”

  3. Major-General says:

    With as many RJ’s as they fly, how can you tell?