Hasselhoff Too Sexy To Fly

David Hasselhoff was prevented from boarding a British Airways flight after arriving drunk at the gate.

Video shows the Hoff hefting a bandaged wrist (in defiance?) as he speeds away on one of those beepy airport vehicles. No paparazzi pursued by cart so the ride through the tunnel to baggage claim was uneventful.

While thrifty travellers might sauce up before boarding to save money, 1) the pricey airport lounge is not the place to do it and 2) visible excess is a synonym for gauche. Keep it under control.

Hasselhoff’s publicist Judy Katz said, “Due to a new medication prescribed on Tuesday by his doctor in London for an infection in his injured hand, Mr. Hasselhoff became ill at Heathrow Airport and requested to be put on a later flight to LA. He got on the next flight at 12:00.”

Second takeaway? When it says for external use only, take heed.


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  1. bambino says:

    Unedited post is a synonym for gauche. Keep it under control.

  2. denki says:

    Hasselhoff is acting like a n00b! If you’re gonna fly first class like he probably was, you wait to tank up AFTER you get in the air. It’s free (past the expensive ticket), and it’s not like they can kick you out…

  3. factotum says:

    You left out the best part: he was talking to himself in the lounge, then went to the duty-free shop and lifted up the manager on duty. The manager told him he was not fit to fly, Hasselhoff agreed, then everyone was shocked when they saw his trousers sporting a wet patch near his groin.