UPDATE: Sleazy Prius Deal Ends in Salesman’s Arrest Warrant

In the case of Prius sale gone wrong, Mark tells us that he met with a lawyer this weekend. The lawyer agreed to help sue Mr. Gentile, the salesman.Dan Wolf Toyota of Naperville. Yay. Lawsuits.

There will also be a note in the suit for the Sheriff about Gentile’s outstanding arrest warrant for disorderly conduct and phone harassment. Which brings up something they never told you while suckling Law and Order from the boob tube. Just because you have a warrant out on you doesn’t mean you’re going to be hauled away by the police any time soon.

Oh and by the way, all those ALL CAPS, all defensive comments under Mark’s login? Those were from his wife, who took your comments very seriously. There’s a joke about women driving your comments login that we are very most certainly not making. Good luck, Mark, may you find satisfaction.

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