UPDATE: Sleazy Prius Deal Ends in Salesman’s Arrest Warrant

In the case of Prius sale gone wrong, Mark tells us that he met with a lawyer this weekend. The lawyer agreed to help sue Mr. Gentile, the salesman.Dan Wolf Toyota of Naperville. Yay. Lawsuits.

There will also be a note in the suit for the Sheriff about Gentile’s outstanding arrest warrant for disorderly conduct and phone harassment. Which brings up something they never told you while suckling Law and Order from the boob tube. Just because you have a warrant out on you doesn’t mean you’re going to be hauled away by the police any time soon.

Oh and by the way, all those ALL CAPS, all defensive comments under Mark’s login? Those were from his wife, who took your comments very seriously. There’s a joke about women driving your comments login that we are very most certainly not making. Good luck, Mark, may you find satisfaction.


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  1. Ben Popken says:

    Julie writes:

    “I was looking into buying one myself, but could only afford the basic model. I was told that it is a common practice to load up the amenities on the Prius, because there is such a demand for them that people will pay for the additions without questioning it. They told me they don’t even get the basic model, and would have to special order it that way. Then they tried to sell me one that included about $7000 in additions, which they just happened to have on the lot. That’s where my negotiations with them ended. I recently bought a non-hybrid fully-loaded Honda Civic for a lot less than a basic Prius, and I’m getting better mileage than Mark describes in his post.”

  2. Ishmael says:

    Wow, so was Mark and his wife sitting at the computer, constantly hitting ‘refresh’ to see the new comments? Every other post was from him. Somehow I’m glad I missed that one.

    I do hope that Mark learned his lesson on how to shop for a car from all of this. If he had done his homework, he probably wouldn’t have gotten placed in this situation in the first place. I hope he got a better deal on his home than he did with his car.

  3. markweeble says:

    No Mark works all day and when I have some spare time on my hands I do
    join in. It just happen to be that I spent that day on the internet
    playing games or reading on the consumerist. Again I must say that we
    dealt with the Toyota of Naperville because of my parents referring us
    to them. We went on a waiting list in Aug of 2005. We have gotten a
    Great Deal on our home and we are very pleased with it.

    Ben I need to correct you. Not only that Mr. Gentile is getting served
    and arrested but Dan Wolf Toyota of Naperville is also being sued here.
    I don’t know what Mark Told you.

    Markweeble’s wife Angela

  4. JCMAN says:

    Have been following this sleazy Prius deal from the get go! Why would Mr. Weingold buy a Prius, then return it, and then a month later try to go back and get it again. Sounds like you should make up your mind before you walk into a dealership, its not a Target, or a Walmart, I really dont blame the salesman for his actions, you were acting like you’ve never bought a vehicle before!

  5. markweeble says:


    Looks like you Did not follow the story right! I did not wait for a month to return the car. I put my complaint about the car less than a week after signing the contract! There are some dealerships that offers 30 days. No Matter What This Does Not Give The Salesman Any Right To Do What He Has Done To Me Or My Wife!!

  6. dcman0581 says:

    I too have been following this story and I disagree with you strongly. I have purchased many a vehicle in my day and have never even heard of any of these antics you claim were played on you. If you believed the pitch about the warranty it is a result of one of two things. One, your a dope that doesnt know any better who just moved into a trailer park in rockford with a sattelite in the front yard and actually believed it, or two you really do have terrible credit and probably dont even deserve to own a PRIUS, let alone bring it back to dealer and complain your back hurts and “YOU PEOPLE COMMITED FRAUD” wha wha wha, cry me a river buddy. You signed for the warranty and all the other nonscence beacuse you probably felt weak when the business manager told you your credit sucked and you knew it sucked, thats why you so easily added for 4000 to your bill at the dealer. Anybody with a good credit rating or half a brain would’ve told the dealer to pound sand. But they are good at what they do! They say theres a sucker born every minute and you sir were spotted as a sucker and truly given a hard time about yor car buying experience. Next time buy a used KIA, this will probably fit your needs, budget, and brain a little better than the PRIUS did.

  7. markweeble says:


    You are an ASS! WE DID NOT MOVED TO A TRAILER PARK IN ROCKFORD!!! WE PURCHASED A HOUSE HAVE A FUCKEN LOAN ON THE PROPERTY! We did not commit Fraud, it was the Salesman and the dealership! Also the salesman is in DEEP SHIT of Trouble for making harassing phone calls to me and then directed to my wife. I must be talking to ANOTHER person who makes his living as a carsales person!!

  8. JCMAN says:

    I agree with dcman0581, this Mark is a genius(ha,ha).I have bought several vehicles as well and never wanted to return one. I sir am not a sales person at a car dealership. I better watch what I say on here because it seems Mark is sue happy. Your suing over Prank phone calls come on man, work harder, invest better. Maybe you and your wife should just take public transportation and leave people alone. Better yet move father north and become a packer fan you desperate citizen.

  9. dcman0581 says:

    First I will start off with the fact that I never implied that you commited fraud, I was simply quote un quoting your supposed comments to the dealer as per your story that you put on this page. Second I am a SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT of a engineering firm downtown Chicago, this page was sent from a friend for me to view and I tought it was funny, all of it, my wife has a prius and loves it so I thought I would comment on the situation. And all of the comments I posted on this page are just how I see it. You dont know how to spell fuckin, thats the first thing, you think you can just get out of any legal binding contract at any time, even the purchase of a home you quoted. Contracts are designed for a reason, they obviously didnt teach you this in school, contracts are legal paperwork that makes everything FINAL! A car, home, building site, business, etc a contract is a contract. And as sad as this sounds I will side the CAR DEALER on this one. You sir signed a contract, tried to null and void it, and obviously were so difficult to deal with you made your salesperson call and harrass your wife, people dont just do that unprovoked! I dont care what the person does for a living. So see this as you may contracts are deisgned to be FINAL! When someone signs a contract with me it is FINAL. And Mark thats just the way life is. Im not sure what you do for a living but if someone signed a contract with your company and the contract made you get to work and two weeks later that person decided to cancel, meaning your effort from the time they signed the contract until now means nothing, wasted effort for nothing, thatsir is my point! Maybe now you can see the rest of the worlds point of view on CONTRACTS!

  10. markweeble says:




  11. dwarf74 says:

    You know, I know I’m late to the game on this, but I am about 95% positive both Dcman0581 and JCMAN are either this Gentile guy or friends of his. One registered on 11/29 and only posted to the other story and replied to this one (yay for sock puppets!) and the other registered today and posted this once.

    Mark & Wife – don’t sweat this one. This guy (I’m pretty sure it’s just one person) is a jackass.

    In fact, if the Consumerist records IP addresses from commenters, it might help your case even more :)

  12. RangerRick says:

    Mark’s wife’s screaming profanity-laced tirade says a lot more about her than anybody else.

    Someone once said, “what you are at your worst is what you are.”

    Those are scary words but I think about them a little before I decide to go off on somebody that has provoked me.

  13. markweeble says:

    Ranger Rick

    When a person’s buttons get pushed too far they are going to let their anger show. We beleive that these 2 people are connected to this Mr. Gentile. These 2 started with the insults and my wife was not going to take it.


    You are right that this person may be linked to Mr. Gentile.


  14. kaosfive2005 says:

    yep..priuss dont get the gas mileage they claim to get