Daimler CEO Gets Bad Customer Service From Own Company

Last week, DaimlerChysler CEO Dieter Zetsche went unannounced to a German MercedesBenz dealership, only to have the receptionist have him cool his heels for 45 minutes. He eventually asked to speak to the manager and was told he was busy.

How did Dieter remain incognito? Hiding behind his moustache, of course.

Mercedes-Chef Zetsche in Geheimer Mission” [Auto Moto Und Sport (in German) via Jalopnik]


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  1. Pelagius says:

    Even worse: When he did get to see the manager, Dr. Z was sold a car for $10K under the sticker price. The mistake was discovered, but Dr. Z wouldn’t give up his wheels, and someone started calling his wife to ask if she wanted a “moustache ride”.

  2. ADM says:

    Have you seen those terrible commercials where he kidnaps the reporter and takes him on a wild ride? Pointless, alienating, unfunny, and annoying. Is that what potential Chrysler owners want to see? Some German dude driving recklessly and saying, “Wiedersehn” at the end?

  3. Ray Wert says:

    Just because Dieter gets “Step 2” it’s no reason for you to be a hater ADM. Maybe you’re just jealous cause he can pronounce the “Auf” in “Auf Wiedersen”.

  4. The Dr. Z campaign is lame. I change the channel anytime there is even a hint that it is coming on.

  5. TedSez says:

    That guy’s real? I assumed he was a fictional figurehead, like Col. Sanders or Ben Popken.

  6. Oof, snarky, Ray. In ADM’s defense, Dr. Z. indeed drops the “auf” from his informal “wiedersehen.”

    I rather like the ad though.

  7. TPIRman says:

    I like the commercials, too, and it’s a pleasant surprise to find out that Dr. Z is a real person.

    On a separate note, I’m fascinated by Bubba’s apparent ability to divine the presence of Dr. Z before he even shows up on the TV screen.

  8. thrillhouse says:

    the Dr.Z ads beat the hell out of their previous campaign: All our customers are red-neck morons, so lets put them in the commercials.

  9. ADM says:

    Jeez, Ray. Maybe you’re just jealous because I can pronounce the ‘auf’ in “Get /auf/ my dick.”

  10. RapperMC says:

    Looks like Tobias Funke finally got the juicy acting role he’s been dreaming of. Shove it, Blue Man Group!

  11. Michael G says:

    Looks like he was treated like the rest of us who walk into a dealership.

    How do you Gemans say it? Crappy

  12. GenXCub says:

    I’ll stick with Peter Stomare’s fake german guy (he’s swedish) in the V-Dub commercials.

  13. factotum says:

    This is the definition of schadenfreude.