Humane Society Crows At Amazon Over Cockfighting

There’s at least one cock fighting in this legal battle: the U.S. Humane Society is threatening to sue Amazon for selling magazines for aficionados of the chicken, the razor and the plume.

The Humane Society claims that’s sale of the magazines Gamecock and The Feathered Warrior violate the federal Animal Welfare Act. Amazon’s telling them to go hump a chicken if they’re so in love with them: this is a first amendment, free speech issue.

We’re with Amazon. “No one respects free speech more than we do, but inciting criminal cockfighting is not protected speech,” claims the Human Society. Well, right, whatever… you should probably start waging campaigns against all those marijuana paraphernalia magazines like ‘Magic Jay Bone Enthusiast’ too. Except that doesn’t fall within your one dimensional political purview, does it?

Humane Society urges to quit selling cockfighting mags [Seattle PI]

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