Help A Consumerist: What Netflix Alternative?

It’s not always bitch bitch bitch here at the Consumerist, so we like to turn over a thread to readers looking for some practical consumer advice every once and a while. Maumita writes:

I don’t believe I have seen this discussed on your website, but I’m sure some of your readers can give me some advice. I am a former Netflix customer and left because I was sick of the way they treated long term customers–specifically because they gave preferential treatment to new customers. I was wondering what your readers think of competitors such Blockbuster Online and Intelliflix. from what I’ve seen, Blockbuster seems to have a limited selection as far as foreign films. However, I have seen a few positive online reviews for Intelliflix because they offer movies, games, and adult titles.

Yes, the availability of hardcore pornography would certainly appear to be a point in Intelliflix’s favor. On the other hand, my father swears by Blockbuster and judging by the television top queue when I was last home was able to secure several soft-core smut documentaries of Betty Page being spanked.

So it’s a tie so far. Which service do you, o readers, recommend? Let us know in the comments section.