S.W.A.T. Takes Down Gay Gym

July 1st. An Albuquerque S.W.A.T. team storms the male-only Pride Gym. Machine guns drawn, flash bangs readied, the rainbow-painted door splinters inwards. A dozen girlish screams ululate in unison; glitter and tear gas fills the air. As the skylight burst inwards, SWAT members rappel down from a hovering stealth copter and a song apropos ushers from the Jukebox: It’s Raining Men by the Weather Sisters, only to be silenced by a single shotgun blast.

The best part about this story of a New Mexico SWAT team being called out to issue a warrant to the owner of a gay gym for serving liquor without a license? SWAT claims they were afraid of being raped.

    The warrant also states officers’ fears that “sending us into this place again puts us or any other undercover officer in danger of sexual assault and/or great bodily harm and/or injury.” The officers did not say that they were assaulted or even approached while undercover, however.

Not approached even whilst undercover? Either SWAT was ugly or this is the worst gay gymnasium ever.

Just to make it clear, we hate this sort of budget-justifying police state thuggery, even without the ludicrous imagery this story compels. This raid was nothing but an excuse for some pigs to beat up some gays, end of story.

SWAT Team Raids Gay Gym in Albuquerque, Ct’d… [Agitator]

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