Dell vs. MacBook Reveals Tepid Warmth, Not Exciting Scalding

Dells spontaneously combust. MacBooks melt scrotums. If reports are to be believed, ether company’s laptop is hot enough to cauterize lopped off limbs. But which one is hotter?

Krische Online took a 1.83GHz MacBook and put it in a gladiatorial ring
with the Dell Latitude D620 to see which was the hottest, sweatiest laptop in town. Both had about the same specs. The test was run by measuring the temperature with some fancy space thermometer while they played the same DVD, The Hills Have Eyes. If they wanted to really test the heat, they should have put in Zombie Lake.

Results? The MacBook is hotter, but both laptops averaged around a toasty 92 degrees. We really got our hopes up when we read that; since this was a scientific test, we hoped they’d be using Celsius. Alas, that temperature is measured in Fahrenheit. In other words, they are uncomfortably hot, but Takeshi Miike is never going to be able to use it to torture a kidnapped American backpacker in a Romanian hostel.

MacBook vs. Dell Latitude

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