HOWTO: Get Internet On The Cheap

How does $500 extra a year sound? And it doesn’t even require stuffing envelopes.

One blogger writes about how he was able to get substantial savings by gaming his Cable and DSL operators.

Sign up for SBC for a year. With less than a month to go in service, search the internet for 6-month Comcast deals. Cancel your SBC and get on the Comcast connection. When the 6 months are up, cancel Comcast and sign back up for SBC. Rinse, wash, repeat, ad infinitum.

Using this method, instead of paying $50 per month, he only pays $100 per year to connect to the internet, tubes and all.

The article was written for areas covered by SBC and Comcast but it seems its principles would apply elsewhere as well.

Cheapest broadband, DSL and Cable internet” [TechReply]


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  1. DeeJayQueue says:

    Oh that’s great for him, and maybe 20 or 30 other people. But as soon as a bunch of people try that they’ll cancel the deal or introduce some caveat into the contract and it’ll be ruined for everyone.

  2. bambino says:

    I now hate Time Warner monopolies even more

  3. something_amazing says:

    Next time consumerist has a post about why we have to sign up for ridiculous contracts in just about anything we do, I’ll fondly remember this piece.

  4. kerry says:

    So, that assumes that you have cable, which lots of people don’t. You could just do we do, call SBC every year and reup your 1 year contract to keep the $14.95/month rate you got when you signed up. Sure beats turning cable on and off if you’re not already using it for TV.

  5. SharkJumper says:

    I’ve got SBC DSL. Signed up for a few years back when it got down to $19.95 as part of a package with other stuff. I wasn’t paying attention when the contract ran out. Suddenly, I’m paying in the $50/month range. Called them up. Didn’t even have to get mean. They right away offered to drop it down to an even lower rate than I had been paying (I think it’s the $14.95, but not sure), up the speed, and credit my account for the difference on the one month that they had charged me $50. I’m not sure this is a system that needs gamed.

  6. creamsissle says:

    SharkJumper, I wish I had tried that when my contract unknowingly expired with SBC. This year I was more alert and renewed before the end. But I’ve had the same positive experience with SBC as you. Each year, the rates fall and the speed increases, and (knock on wood) the service has been very reliable thus far.

  7. The Unicorn says:

    You can also do a similar thing without even switching providers if you have a roommate or are living in sin — when your cheap rate expires, call & explain that you are leaving the country or moving or whatever, then have your housemate call & re-connect service as the “subletter” or “new tenant.” My opposite-sex domestic partner & I have done this at least 3 or 4 times, & as long as you don’t have the same last name there’s really no way for them to get het up about it.

  8. three words: questionably legal neighbornet. Wait, that last one might be two words, and there might be a hyphen.

    In other words, I don’t pay, I use the neighboring frathouse’s unsecured wifi. I wish I were kidding about the “frathouse” part.