Comcast Censored Nightline. Help Us Nail ‘Em.

We hear rumblings. Rumblings that Comcast put up a streaming version of our Nightline appearance on their subscribers-only site, The Fan. And rumbling from the belly of those rumblings? Word that Comcast just happened to cut the part of the Nightline segment where their company was cast in an unfavorable light.

We want to nail Comcast in the act. But neither Ben (being poor) nor I (being in Ireland) are Comcast subscribers. So we can’t go here to capture the Comcast version of the Nightline performance, then upload it to YouTube ourselves.

We need your help! If you’re both a Comcast subscriber and a reasonably tech savvy Consumerist, we need you to go to this link and capture us the stream. It’s in embedded flash, so you might try software like FRAPS to capture it. Then either email it to us or upload it to YouTube. We’ve been told the segment starts at 05:29; it does not feature a two-headed kitten.

We would really like to nail Comcast here. If you can help us, please, mail us and let us know.

Edit: One of our commenters claims that the exact moment of the cut is around 10:33. If you can give us 30 seconds in each direction of the cut, that will suit our purposes. Time’s of the essence here… we don’t want Comcast pulling it before we can! Help two brothers out.

UPDATE: The clips has been harvested and uploaded. Watch it here.

UPDATE: Comcast and ABC say they have a reasonable explanation.


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  1. RandomHookup says:

    This posting will self-destruct in 10 seconds.

  2. Scott Kidder says:

    Wow, I can confirm that the Comcast segment was clipped…

    REPORTER: And what about that Comcast video?
    VINCERT: (sigh) That Comcast video… was a classic
    (abrupt cut)
    ANCHOR: (introducting the next story)

  3. Paul D says:

    How absolutely delicious would it be if Comcast really took it on the chin for this?

  4. GrnGyant says:

    Ok, I’m not bright enough to figure out how to use fraps, so the best I can provide is a transcript.

    Picking up right after they show the AOL Reamed video. Time stamp is 10:33

    Vickie Mayberry Voiceover: But what’s generated the most buzz on the site.

    Vickie Mayberry: And what about the Comcast video of the comcast guy. (laughs)

    Vincent Ferrari: That is a …Thats a classic

    Cut to male host immediately.

    Martin Bashir: had what first caught our attention when a million dollar ferrari had been sliced in two
    during a recent accident in southern california.

  5. Way to nail them. I can’t believe that they are censoring the news. Pretty scary. If you let them get away with this now, what’s to stop them when all TV is internet based. Very 1984.