A Little Birdy Went Tweet Tweet….

…in the coal mine.

What exactly do we gotta love? Find out, after the jump…



That’s right, we have a copy of the AOL Retention Consultant manual. We’ve also got the cheat sheet flowchart. It’s really interesting to follow along and see what parts of Vincent’s phone call jibe with what the employees are instructed to do.

And then also, how it differs.

We can’t wait to bust out our mad compare and contrast seventh grade essay skills. Salivating, really. We need to find a bib.

More to come, soon, after we’re done savoring. There’s the savory, the sweet, and then, the snark. Oh yes, there will be snark. The book will bleed snark. And then the snark will bleed. And then the blood will cry. And then the tears, they will explode, scattering acid into every pore.