Champion Sports’ Credit Policy Oscillates Smell Waves

Bernard is pissed. Pissed that his new Champion Sports sneakers lacerated his heel. Pissed that he lost the receipt. Pissed that he couldn’t find a replacement shoe he liked. And pissed that the store credit he was issued by Champion Sports was then arbitrarily reclaimed. As Bernard wrote to Champion:

    The first time that I attempted to use the card was yesterday on July 8th in Nashville, TN and I was shocked and embarrassed when the card swiped and gave your salesperson the “Lost – Stolen” card message on the cashier computer screen. I hadn’t used this card online, or at anyother store. So, what happened?

    I was told by the manager at the Hickory Hollow Mall store to go back to the Hamilton Place Mall store to clear up the situation.

    When I spoke with Chasity at the Hamilton Place Mall location, she informed me that she received an email from the Corporate Auditor, named Glen, who ran the information from the return and noted the return transaction to be “fishy” and cleared the store credit that was issued to me.

We love how Bernard signed off his email to Champion: “I have been an employee of the federal/state government for the past 5 years. I am a husband, father, voter, and taxpayer.” Yeah! And I’m a contortionist, an astronaut, a draft-dodger and a frequent clipper of Sunday Saver Coupons! You tell ’em, Bernard!


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  1. Roadgeek says:

    Why is it so damned hard to save a receipt? This is my twenty-sixth year in reatil, and the problem of customers losing or tossing receipts only seems to be getting worse. A receipt in hard triples the respect and credibility a customer is afforded by the retailer. It is a sad fact of American life today that there are a lot of slimy characters running scams on retailers: in many cases a lack of receipt sends up a red flag for the retailer.
    Of course the number one thing I hear from the customer is “can’t you look it up on your computer?” Yes….if you gave us your phone number/name/address and it was within 12 months and the wind is behind your back and you are coasting downhill and the moon is full…..
    I have receipts for jeans I haven’t fit into since the first Bush administration. How hard is it to simply set up a file or a shoebox?
    Sympathy for folks who can’t file a receipt is rare among veteran retail warriors.