Consumerist To Be On Nightline

Set your DVR’s for ABC’s Nightline, 11:35 pm ET on Friday, July 14th. The Consumerist will appear. Most likely, we’ll be perched on a leather armchair with pipe in jaw and a fake fire blazing in the background. We’ll be opining about consumerism and blogging, AOL call centers, maybe even roll an Oozinator clip. We think the producer said Vicki Mabrey will man the questioning. Vincent Ferrari slated to appear as well.

Good times!

There will be no moustache men to cut us off this time, and we’ll try not to bang our watch to punctuate our sentences.

We’re taping this Tuesday, July 11th, so if you’ve got any special requests, that’s your due date.


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  1. RandomHookup says:

    Perhaps my cheap calendar is defective, but isn’t next Friday the 14th? And I won’t even say anything about the EST vs. EDT thing.

  2. Yozzie says:

    Please Oozinate Vicki Mabrey. Think how long you’ll live on in web video infamy/immortality.

  3. creamsissle says:

    Set your DVR, but don’t even think about fast-forwarding through ABC’s commercials!

  4. mark duffy says:


  5. The_Truth says:

    why not ask nightline when are they goign to do a story about consumer credit cards and the absolute murder that the credit companies get away with, ie

    sight unseen contracts, variable intrest rates, intrest over 20%, etc

    or, how about asking them when they are going to investigate the decline of journalism and the reasons why, use the colbert speech given at teh white house meet the press event thingy as an example.

  6. Aph says:

    dude. fucken chex mix rules.

  7. New server to handle the traffic come 11:36 pm.


  8. ModerateSnark says:

    What was missing from the CNBC appearance was any inkling of how irreverent/funny/entertaining can be. (Who wants to visit the site of a “watchdog group”? Yawn.) Of course, you’re primarily there for “serious commentary” and not self-promotion, and it’s easier to write a zinger than to work one into an answer on TV where you’ve got a variety of censoring voices whispering in your subconscious, but it would be great if you can slip something in.

    An oozinator clip might do the trick, but chances are it won’t make the airwaves.

    So forget the leather armchair. Brownlee’s mom can sit next to you on your IKEA couch and eat from a 5-gallon tub of goo while you tell the story of how you canceled your MySpace account.

  9. ModerateSnark says:

    …Or maybe a live demo of the oozinator–no need to convince them to air a clip. If you can’t get a wide enough camera angle to cover its range, just shoot the oozinator into a sock.

    (…while sitting on the couch, telling the story…)