You’re Fired, Give Us Your iPod

The sleek samurai sword of our generation, an instant indicator of class and station, the ultimate indignity is not to be fired but to have to give up your company iPod.

Last month, National Semiconductor gave every employee a 30 gig iPod. This was in reward for the best fiscal year ever. Employees were supposed to use them to ‘distribute company information’…. as well as the latest hot tracks from the Pussy Dolls.

However, when thirty-five employees were laid off last week, the company asked for the iPods back. They claim the iPod was a gift; the company gnashes its teeth.

The usefulness of an iPod to distribute company information is pretty dubious at best… one of those USB dongles is a better bet. iPods are a pain in the ass as portable hard drives, since they won’t work without drivers. So either National Semiconductor were just being showy or they are now just being assholes. But brother, you’d think they could spare an iPod for thirty-five guys suddenly without a job.

Losing their jobs and even their iPods [Star-Telegam] (via The Giz!)

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