Fluff Sales Up 800% After Barrios Blood War

It wasn’t only my mother who emerged a victor in the recent Marshmallow Fluff controversy. Massachusetts’ Senator Jarrett Barrios’ holy war against the delicious goo not only resulted in his own countrywide ridicule for being a complete and total doof, but Marshmallow Fluff sales have skyrocketed.

You just can’t buy this kind of publicity. Jonathan Durkee, a treasurer of the Marshmallow Fluff company in Lynn, claims that Barrios’ foaming-at-the-mouth attack on the Fluffernutter not only resulted in a proposal to make it the official state sandwich, and Lynn’s orders for Fluff went up 800%, from 10 cases to 80 cases a day. To be fair, though, most of that growth can probably be attributed to my Mom.

Fluff’s free publicity leads to sweet payoff [Boston.com]
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