Fluff Sales Up 800% After Barrios Blood War

It wasn’t only my mother who emerged a victor in the recent Marshmallow Fluff controversy. Massachusetts’ Senator Jarrett Barrios’ holy war against the delicious goo not only resulted in his own countrywide ridicule for being a complete and total doof, but Marshmallow Fluff sales have skyrocketed.

You just can’t buy this kind of publicity. Jonathan Durkee, a treasurer of the Marshmallow Fluff company in Lynn, claims that Barrios’ foaming-at-the-mouth attack on the Fluffernutter not only resulted in a proposal to make it the official state sandwich, and Lynn’s orders for Fluff went up 800%, from 10 cases to 80 cases a day. To be fair, though, most of that growth can probably be attributed to my Mom.

Fluff’s free publicity leads to sweet payoff [Boston.com]
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  1. homerjay says:

    I can certainly say that my hunger for fluff has increased significantly after watchnig all that news coverage from inside the manufactuering plant.

    The fattening of America continues….

  2. TedSez says:

    I’m sorry, but I have to agree with the senator on this one. Fluffernutter sandwiches — which are a virtually nutrition-free conglomeration of fat, flour and sugar (with a tiny bit of protein) — are just another example of the crap that’s fed to obesity-prone kids in school lunches. Sure, marshmallow fluff is “wholesome,” but so is cake. Why not make the kids really happy and feed them frosting sandwiches every day?

  3. I agree Barrios was right in proposing “an amendment to a junk food bill, calling for limiting the serving of Fluff to once a week in (Mass) schools statewide.” (Thanks, Boston Globe)

    He’s not calling for a full-scale ban of fluff, merely a limit of it in public schools. Some of those kids probably already get a serving or two a week at home from parents who lack self-control, or think the special occasion snacks of their youths are perfect Tuesday night dinners.

    Maybe there should be a total ban though. Fluff is obviously what’s wrong with America. I too have seen what it can do to a mother, who also eats it straight out of the vat. She’s old, and makes incredible fudge with Fluff, but she hisses and bites when anyone comes near her and the Fluff. Not even my dad can pry it from her cold, undead hands. She’s not my mommy when the Fluff’s in her veins.