Consumer Affairs AOL Complaints Round-Up II

From John in Phoenix:

AOL continued to bill me, even using a cancelled debit card and then a debit card I had not given them after I cancelled the service. Now AOL is threatening to send me to a credit collection agency over $47. They refuse to answer my questions over the unauthorized debit card charges and when my wife called them the person was loud and abusive and then hung up.

From Kimberly in Indiana:

One of my accounts has been cancelled, yet another screen name with the company is being automatically debited from my checking account every month. I have persistently tried to call AOL, but to no avail. I am put on hold for what seems like an eternity and nobody from AOL ever answers me.

From John in Missouri:

They wanted the money immediately and would turn the matter over to a credit bureau if I did not agree. After arguing with her for 45 minutes, I finally gave up and said okay… I will pay the $23.90 so I don’t have to deal with you folks again. Well, I should not have done that. I gave her my credit card number and expiration date. I have still received daily phone calls from the robotic voice of AOL’s debt collection department]

From AOL, soon to be in court defending against a massive class-action lawsuit:

At AOL, we have zero tolerance for customer care incidents like this — which is deeply regrettable and also absolutely inexcusable.

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